TRC - Teen Resource Center

What We Do

We provide a teen-focused, developmentally appropriate approach to care through workshops, health education sessions, programs, and referrals.


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HEALTH EDUCATION  //  We believe that with proper knowledge and counseling, young people can be motivated to take charge of their own health. Health education is important for the development of habits that reduce risky behaviors and promote positive ones. Our goal is to improve the health status of and expand access to medically underserved teens through health education, referrals to CBWCHC clinical services, and assistance in navigating health services. To that end, we integrate Teen Health Educators into Health Center’s clinical procedures.

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EVENTS  & PROGRAMS  //  Our events and programs are designed to provide a safe space for Asian American teens to learn new skills, develop confidence, and build their support networks. Everyone on staff is sensitive about the issues of isolation, limited professional and social networks, intergenerational conflicts, and stereotypes. We aim to serve as positive role models and mentors to our adolescent population who may otherwise be lacking guidance from their other networks.


COMMUNITY & CLINICAL REFERRALS  //  We offer linkages to comprehensive and inter-disciplinary services: from the services offered at CBWCHC in primary care, sexual and reproductive health, mental health, social services, dental and optical care; to the services available in the broader community.  We provide group tours and health education workshops to community members, aiming to build a strong grassroots and professional community network to strengthen the impact and reach of the Teen Resource Center and the Charles B. Wang Community Health Center.