TRC - Teen Resource Center

Our Impact

Adolescence is a critical period of development that sets young people on a bio-psychosocial trajectory of health affecting every aspect of their adult lives. Our model yields results by creating sustained relationships between our teen patients, the high quality, inter-disciplinary services offered at CBWCHC, and the diverse resources offered by neighboring organizations and institutions.


Our Stories

“TRC has time and time again opened its doors to me. Whether it was providing personal development when I was a program participant or supporting my college education through a scholarship, TRC has endlessly served as my anchor when I needed the confidence and strength to navigate through my teen years. Becoming a TRC staff has been one of my most rewarding experiences. As a teen that grew up under the warmth of TRC, I am honored to have had the opportunity to provide the same support and serve as a role model for young people.”
—   Shirley Mo, former TRC participant and Teen Health Educator


“A key concern I have as a parent for my children during their teenage years is that they will go on a wrong path. But thanks to the guidance of teen health professionals at the TRC, my children are able to become healthier and happier. TRC gives my children a lot of different opportunities to explore their strengths and open their eyes to what is out there. My children were also able to meet many new friends outside of school and have an extra support system. We also volunteer at TRC’s yearly basketball tournament each year with our children; this makes us feel young and happy like teenagers.”

—  Mother of former participants