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Teen Advisory Committee (TAC) | Full Year (Starts in Fall)
The Teen Advisory Committee (TAC) is composed of a small group of teenagers involved in planning future teen programs as well as reviewing health education materials intended for teens. TAC meetings are once every month for about two hours. Members receive training through a series of youth workshops as well as volunteering at events.

Every TAC member is a part of either the Newsletter or Open Mic Committee. The Newsletter committee get to experience journalism: from on-site photography and interviews to article contribution to newsletter design to distribution. The Open Mic Committee is responsible for planning, outreach, and production assistance of TRC’s quarterly Open Mic Events. For more information, please contact Anna Liu or Kyla Cheung via the phone at (212) 226-2044, or via email to hxliu@cbwchc.org or kycheung@cbwchc.org. Applications for TAC 2016-2017 are now closed. Check our Facebook for our upcoming Open Mic and the Teen Talk Newsletter!

雙語青少年諮詢委員 | 全年
Bilingual Teen Advisory Committee (BTAC) | Full Year (Starts in Fall)
2014-2015 雙語青少年諮詢委員會正在招募有中文閱讀和書寫能力的成員來評估和改善青少年資源中心(TRC)有關健康的教材和項目。通過與他人合作,你在幫助青少年資 源中心的同時也可以提升自己的的溝通技巧和決策能力,還能建立新的友誼!參加這個活動可以獲得社區服務時間。委員會每個月聚集2次。如欲參加,請聯繫 Sandy Pan: (212) 226-2044,或電郵 xpan@cbwchc.org. Applications for BTAC 2016-2017 are now closed.

Community Service Learning Project
A six-month internship training program for youth ages 15 to 21. The program aims to provide youth with an opportunity to improve their life skills (public speaking, stress/time management, negotiation/communication skills) through service learning projects.

Recruitment for the program takes place each year in December and January. Contact Sonora Yun or Yuan Wang at (212) 226-2044 or email at syun@cbwchc.org or yuwang@cbwchc.org. CSLP 2017 has ended! Check out their film and next year’s applications on Facebook and this space. 

Arts ‘N Chats | Fall & Spring
Arts ‘N Chats, formerly known as Chick Chat, is a ladies only (so all girls, women, and female-identified people) safe space where you can get together, meet new friends, let your creativity run free, and be a part of great conversations. This eight week program is free and open to female youth. Past workshops include: Painted Tote Bags, Potted Plants, Charm Bracelets, Bow ties & Hair bows, Manicures, Cupcake decorating. ANC is not currently running in Spring 2017.

文化交流小組 | 秋季和春季
Cultural Exchange Group | Fall & Spring
青 少年資源中心(TRC)目前正在招募年齡13-21歲,住在美國不到3年的青少年參加文化交流小組。文化交流小組的目的是幫助青少年更好地適應美國文 化。參加者將有機會參加各種專門根據他們的興趣和需求而設計的小組會,結識新的朋友,同時獲得社區服務時間。文化交流小組將從2014年3月2日開始, 直到2014年5月11日結束。小組會將與每星期四下午4:00 – 5:30在沃克街125號2樓會議室進行。如欲了解更多資料,請聯繫 陳曉東 (David Chen): (212) 226-2044,或電郵 xiachen@cbwchc.orgCEG has ended for Spring 2017. Look for applications in the fall.

語言伙伴項目 | 秋季和春季
Language Buddy Program | Fall & Spring
The Teen Resource Center (TRC) is continuing its Language Buddy Program this Fall! Youth can be paired up to practice spoken Chinese and English; we are looking for both English-speaking and Chinese-speaking youth who are interested in learning or improving their Chinese and English speaking abilities. For more information, please contact David Chen via the phone at (212) 226-2044, or via email at xiachen@cbwchc.org. Language Buddy will not being running in Spring 2017.

青少年資源中心(TRC)即將開始《語言伙伴項目》,使青少年能夠配對練習中文和英文口語。我們歡迎有興趣學習或提高英文和中文口語的青少年參加。如欲了解更多資料,請聯繫陳曉東 (David Chen): (212) 226-2044,或電郵 xiachen@cbwchc.org.

Healthy Lifestyles | Spring
Join the TRC Healthy Lifestyles 12-week program this spring to learn about the basics of health and fitness, through a series of workshops and indoor and outdoor activities. You will get a chance to make new friends as you develop a new healthy lifestyle. Healthy refreshments will be provided. Healthy Lifestyles will be running events in the summer! Check our Facebook for more updates.

TRC Productions | Spring
A three-month program for high school students to explore teen-related issues while learning the basic fundamentals of film-making. The program will run in two separate groups based on PSA topics of the year. In 2014, we covered Gender Equality, Positive Self-Talk, and Parent Youth Communication (PYC). In 2015, we are currently covering LGBTQ Awareness, Body Image, and PYC. TRC Productions will not be running Spring 2017.

CaptureParent Youth Communication Capture3Equal Pay for Equal Work Capture7Positive Self Talk


Teen Talks Meetings | Once a Month
A new workshop every month! We’ll host interactive activities, panels, workshops, & peer support spaces. Each month features a COMPLETELY different topic and YOU have the power to choose what we talk about next. And YOU can help us make your vision a reality by joining our planning committee. Contact viwong@cbwchc.org for more information!

Free Expressions Open Mic | June, August, December
Every 3 months, the TRC hosts an Open Mic Night open to NYC youth. Young community members are encouraged to share and participate their singing, acting, writing, dancing, and other creative skills! All community members are invited to participate as a performer and/or an audience member. Contact btang@cbwchc.org for more information! Stay tuned on our Facebook  for our next open mic.

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Basketball Tournament | Summer
Each year, the TRC hosts a teen summer basketball tournament at Sara D. Roosevelt Park in Chinatown, Manhattan. The tournament is open to male and female teens between ages 13 and 19. Participants play a series of 3 on 3 basketball games to win a grand prize. Players and spectators enjoy an afternoon of music, games, and activities. Health information and materials are provided during the tournament.

The goal of the tournament is to promote exercise and good sportsmanship among youth. Teen Health Educators from the TRC are available throughout the day to provide information concerning various health issues, such as nutrition, exercise, and body image, to help educate on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Join us on July 15 for the 14th annual Basketball Tournament

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