5 Things to do in the Spring

Hello Spring!


Spring is in the air, and winter is fially gone. Getting out of your cozy house may actually seem pretty great now! So, here are some things that you can do!

1. Go for a walk in Central Park (or any park)
Breathe in some fresh air; your lungs will be happy.

2. Spring cleaning!
Get rid of all the junk that you don’t need anymore! Clean out any old books, papers, clothes or miscellaneous objects that you don’t use for that fresh spring look.

3. Get a haircut
All that extra hair can weigh you down so just snip it right off!

4. Visit the High Line
The High Line is an old railroad built into a public park. Pretty cool.

5. Jog Outside
Get fit while being surrounded by nature!

Staying Active in Creative Ways


Trampoline fitness class in Tribeca, NYC

Jenn, one of TRC’s teen health educators, stayed active in 2013 by mixing up her routine with exercises she enjoys—yoga, Pilates, and occasional outdoor jogs. Nothing is worse than a mundane exercise routine that makes you dread working out. Stay active in the New Year by exploring other activities:

  • Rock climbing (beginners can practice indoors at Brooklyn Boulders)
  • Trampoline classes
  • Bollywood dancing
  • Outdoor boot camps / hiking
  • Zumba
  • Kickboxing

What other activities would you recommend? Comment below!


Tips to keep warm


Since the weather is getting cold, the following are the tips to stay warm:

1.      Make sure the place that you are going is in-door, or there is heater around.

In case of getting too cold, you can stay inside and get warmer. Because no one wants to be stuck outside in cold weather!

2.      Check the weather before going out.

Most teens don’t check the weather before they go out! Therefore, they don’t wear appropriate clothes and get cold! So make sure to check the weather before going out and wear the right clothes!

3.      Pack warm food/drinks.

Prepare the warm food or drinks (such as soup, hot chocolate, or tea). Warm food and drinks can make you feel warmer and keep up your strength!

4.      Dress appropriately.

Wear tight pants that can prevent the winds from entering the body. Or you can wear two pairs of pants.

For boys, you may wear two pairs of socks to reduce heat loss. But remember to change them every day! You can also wear mittens, a scarf and a jacket.

5.      Don’t stay outdoor area for a long time.

Sometimes you might feel too cold and numbness in your hands or feet. That’s a symptom of Hypothermia (body temperature below normal)! It may cause disruption in thinking or decision-making.

(Image source: http://blackville.nbed.nb.ca/image/stay-warm )

Common concerns for college applications


Since the fall semester is coming to an end, many students are applying for colleges. But most of them might have these concerns about their SAT scores or grades.  Here are some tips:

Didn’t do well in the SAT exam?

  • Don’t give up!
    • If you didn’t do well at the first time, you might do better the second time!
    • Be more prepared.
  • Consider other options! Such as the ACT exam. This exam might be easier for you.
    • ACT exam has 5 sections (English, Math, Science, Reading and Writing).
    • Longer duration of the exam


Don’t have the perfect GPA?

It doesn’t mean you don’t have the chance to get into college!

  • SEEK program for City University of New York (CUNY) and EOP program (SUNY) for State University of New York
    • These programs can help the students who didn’t meet the entry requirement to apply for CUNY and SUNY.
    • Some colleges offer a diagnostic exam for the applicants to determine their eligibility.
    • Do more volunteer services and extra-curricular activities!
      • Most colleges are looking for the students who are committed to the community.
      • TRC offers a lot of volunteering opportunities for the teens! Please stay tuned on the upcoming programs!

Good luck!

TRC Staff Resolutions for 2014




“I want to continue staying active with yoga and Pilates while simultaneously exploring new and creative ways to exercise.” —Jennifer






“I want to be more patient and learn how to slow down! I also hope to go back to playing volleyball after a 3 year hiatus.” —Larissa







“I signed up to participate in the NYC Half Marathon, and I hope to train and successfully complete the run!” — Joe







“I plan to spend more time with my family and girlfriend. I also look forward to working on different programs within TRC.” —Kevin






“I would like to learn to budget better, and put more into my savings account.” — Emily H.








“In 2014, I would like to be less stressed and spend more time with family.” — Sharon







“In 2014, I intend to take more risks and look forward to college life! I will also be going skydiving this year!” — Jacky







“I want to read more and sleep earlier…” — Emily C.

TRC’s December Open Mic

open mic flyer dec 6


This past Open Mic was a blast!  Set in a cozy room at the Silk Road Café, the Open Mic event had the air of an intimate, sophisticated club overflowing with musical talent and energy. There were free refreshments and discounted snacks for everyone at the event.

From jaw-dropping duets to heart-stopping solos to never-before seen collaborations between The Tampa driver ed games is located on a 27-acre site, the home of the Florida Fairgrounds. artists, the Open Mic was a huge success! There were incredible renditions of contemporary music and Chinese love songs that just seemed to speak to the audience. Away from the everyday noise, it was refreshing just to hear natural voices sing amidst our everyday chaos.

Personally, I just had a good time listening to great music while enjoying refreshments with my friends after a long week at school. That’s what the Open Mic is for: unwinding with a few friends and just hanging out. So come check it out the next time you hear about it.

Time Management for High School Students

blog post


According to an MTV poll taken in 2007, school performance is one of the main stressors for teens. Some teens do not know how to effectively use their time to study for school. When they have free time, they tend to do things they enjoy such as playing games or streaming videos online. Teens have to realize that even when there are 24 hours in a day, they have to spend 8 hours in school. This gives them 8 to 10 hours of free time to do things before they go to bed. The question is how should teens effectively use that time?

Use a 24 hour – planner to write down the things you will do afterschool and use monthly calendar to write down the important dates.
Ex: 3:00PM – 4:00PM (Math Homework at School Library, p. 159 Q1-20)
4:00PM – 5:00PM (English Draft Essay + Health Homework)
5:00PM – 6:00PM (Walk home, take a shower, eat quick snack)
6:00PM – 7:00PM (Playing League of Legends with Friends)

Teens may argue that they want to play first and do homework later. However, when teens play first, they tend to get really tired at night when they do homework. To learn more about time management tips, please visit the TRC!

Eating Your Way to a Bigger Savings Account

Looking for ways to save money? Pack your own lunch! Tired of simply packing leftover food, but don’t want to spend much time preparing food on your own? Consider these healthy options and add your own twist to them:

• Avocado egg sandwich (or if you’re not looking to fry eggs, avocado toast is great too!)
• Fruit salad: just toss a few blueberries and strawberries into a container
• Omelets: choose ingredients of your choice! My personal favorite includes tomatoes, ham, and cheese.
• Lemon teas: Mix passion tea (personal favorite: Zen’s Tea) with some lemonade and ice to have a refreshing, slightly sweetened drink all day, if and only if, you’re tired of drinking water all the time.


Tips to Share for 10th Year Anniversary Party Guests

1- Carry a light bag, you do NOT want to be dancing and carrying anything heavy. (We have coat check but not bag check.)
2- Ladies! Do not feel pressured to whip out the heels; it WILL hurt.
3- What’s semiformal? Think…

blog post

blog post 2

4- Want a date? Ask early! You do not want to ask too late when tickets are sold out. But you do NOT need one. I won’t have a date, and it’s all cool.
5- Do not lose your tickets (aka cool glow in the dark wrist bands)! We can’t let you in if you lose it!
6- Come solo or invite some friends, we welcome both options. But the more the merrier and be ready to meet some new friends.

Bonus Tip: Come on time and be ready to dance the night away!

If you have any additional questions or tips to share, ask us by commenting below.

Your Words Can Hurt Me



Even our close friends tease us from time to time, calling us inappropriate names as a joke. Even though they are only joking, statements such as “Your singing is bad” or “Your dress looks ridiculous” can be hurtful, especially when it’s coming from your friends. Friends are people who support and encourage you, but they are not there to make fun of you.

It’s Not Funny If They’re Not Laughing
If you get teased by your friends and feel uncomfortable, you must tell them how you feel. If they are truly your friends, they will stop teasing you or making mean comments. Sometimes, your friends have no intention of hurting you with their words. They think it is a joke.

How do you know if your joke made your friend unhappy?
1) Sometimes, when you look at their facial expression, it can help you determine if your friend is offended.
2) If they are laughing with you, they might think it is funny too. But if they look unhappy or annoyed, it could indicate that they might be injured by your words.


(Picture was taken from this website – http://askspike.com/2013/09/27/fans-service-company/)