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Coconut Oil: Moisturize your life!

When Winter comes, I don’t know about you but my lips get chapped and my hands get dry. This winter, I neglected my skin and the consequences were painful: itchy elbows, dry hands and ashy legs. My hands got so dry to the point where I got windburns from the cold. With each and every movement of my hand, not only did it hurt, but my skin also felt rough.

Coconut Oil Image

Thankfully, when I dropped by the TRC, I was able to slather on some coconut oil to moisturize both my hands. After washing the oil off my hands, my hands felt so smooth– like baby skin smooth.

Coconut oil not only moisturizes your skin but there are many other ways to use it too! Here are some different ways to apply coconut oil into your daily lives!

Use it as a hair mask:

  • Applying a proper amount to your hair in replacement of conditioner can enhance the appearance, letting your hair look silky and smooth

Use it as a lip balm:

  • Since coconut oil moisturizes your skin, it can also do the same for your lips! It may feel greasy at first if too much is applied, but just leave it on for 5-10 minutes for your lips to absorb all the good stuff

Use it under your eyes:

  • If eye cream is too expensive and you really want to cover the eye bags under your eyes, save yourself some money. You can use coconut oil!

Use it as cooking oil:

  • Coconut oil is a great replacement for other cooking oil since it’s full of vitamin E, fatty acids, and nutrients that are great for the body.

There are many ways to use coconut oil, the one thing we don’t recommend though is using coconut oil as lubricant with your condoms 😉

And why does the TRC have so much coconut oil? It’s because we’re about to start a new session of Arts ‘N Chats! Some projects we’ve made in the past using coconut oil include “Energy Bites” & “Lip Balm.” For more information, please contact Anna Liu (