“We Can Help” Web Series

Being a teen is not easy.

Talking to parents about relationships, dealing with peer pressure, and figuring out what to do about that zit can be hard but “We Can Help!”

“We Can Help!” is a web series highlighting those “awkward” teen moments.

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  • I Got This

    I Got This

  • Getting Boosted

    Getting Boosted

  • Rubber Right

    Rubber Right

  • Condomplating


  • It's Not Cool Mom

    It’s Not Cool Mom

  • It's Not Toilet Paper

    It’s Not Toilet Paper

  • Boyfriend of the Year

    Boyfriend of the Year

  • Are You Both on the Same Page?

    Both on the Same Page?

  • Smokin'...Not


  • Puking Is Never a Good Party Trick

    Puking Is Never a Good Party Trick

  • Brush Your Teeth, Not Your Pimple

    Brush Your Teeth, Not Your Pimple

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  • 2. Body Image Girl Desktop Wallpaper
  • Pregnancy Prevention Desktop Wallpaper
  • Sexual Health Boy Desktop Wallpaper
  • 5. Parent Comm Girl Desktop Wallpaper
  • 6. Parent Comm Boy Desktop Wallpaper
  • 7. Healthy Relationships Desktop Wallpaper
  • 8. Sexual Coercion Desktop Wallpaper
  • 9. Tobacco Desktop Wallpaper
  • 9. Alcohol Desktop Wallpaper