Teen Advisory Committees

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The Teen Resource Center hosts two Advisory Committees for youth: The Teen Advisory Committee and the Bilingual Teen Advisory Committee.

Teen Advisory Committee (TAC)

TAC is no longer accepting applications for 2016-2017.

The Teen Advisory Committee (TAC) is composed of a small group of teenagers involved in planning future teen programs as well as reviewing health education materials intended for teens. Some things they review include newly developed brochures, event presentations and games. TAC meetings are twice every month for about two hours. Members receive training through a series of youth workshops as well as volunteering at events.

Every TAC member is a part of either the Newsletter or Open Mic Committee. The Newsletter committee gets to experience journalism: from on-site photography and interviews to article contribution to newsletter design to distribution. Check out the Teen Talk Magazine or pick up a copy at TRC!

The Open Mic Committee is responsible for planning, outreach, and production assistance of TRC’s quarterly Open Mic Events. Check out the Spring 2015 Open Mic on our YouTube channel.

TAC 2016-2017 is no longer accepting applications. Check back in the fall for TAC 2017-2018 updates. For more information, please contact Anna Liu or Kyla Cheung via the phone at (212) 226-2044, or via email to hxliu@cbwchc.org or kycheung@cbwchc.org.Flier_JPEG

Bilingual Teen Advisory Committee (BTAC)

BTAC is no longer accepting applications for 2016-2017.

2016-2017 雙語青少年諮詢委員會正在招募有中文閱讀和書寫能力的成員來評估和改善青少年資源中心(TRC)有關健康的教材和項目。通過與他人合作,你在幫助青少年資源中心的同時也可以提升自己的的溝通技巧和決策能力,還能建立新的友誼!參加這個活動可以獲得社區服務時間。委員會每個月聚集2次。如欲參加,請聯繫Sandy Pan: (212) 226-2044,或電郵xpan@cbwchc.org.

The Teen Resource Center is seeking youth who can read and write Chinese to be part of the 2016-2017 Bilingual Teen Advisory Committee. This committee will meet every Friday, from 4-6pm at 125 Walker Street on the 2nd Floor Conference Room. The committee will work together to help evaluate and revise health-related materials and programs. Adolescents that are participating in this committee will have the opportunity to develop their communication, decision-making skills, and new friendships. Their participation in this committee will count toward their community service hours. For more information, please contact Sandy Pan at (212) 226- 2044 or email xpan@cbwchc.org.